What if Everybody was a Movie?

What if everybody was a movie? You know, like the essence of what that movie was. Maybe pain, happiness, saving the princess, discovering fire. 

It's like your spirit animal, only the difference is that there's only one movie. If a dog is your spirit animal there's like a million other dogs, types of dogs, breeds. Even if you claim to have some type of majestic animal deep within you like a buck or a tiger, there's still like hundreds and hundreds of them out there. 

You're an individual and maybe you're thinking about sequels and reboots, valid point. But we all know Godfather 1 was way better than Godfather 3, maybe there's someone out there who just sucks like the third one. Maybe you're as bad of a person as the Robocop remake was as bad of a movie.

Your essence is in the movie.