A Cold Cup of Coffee

Okay, so I'm learning how to make gifs now. Nothing too groundbreaking there, but it's happening. I think it's important to keep growing as an artist. Constantly challenging yourself in any field is the only way you can expect to get better and reach the next level. 

The next big thing to happen is the inauguration of Donald Trump. I still can't believe it but I guess it's the world we live in now. We have officially seen proof that anything is possible. Like in Dan Harmon's Community, we are definitely in the worst timeline. 

As I finish up my cold cup of coffee I can't help but think maybe we're all blowing this out of proportion. I mean, in theory, if you don't pay attention to politics at all, you may very well be able to ignore Trump's entire presidency. My sister made a comment the other day that actually made sense. She said that she didn't really notice Obama's time in office until the last few months. She's not huge into media or current events as such as myself, but it's kind of true. Other than the big moments a president has, they pretty much just do their job. Sure, you need to rely on the rest of the branches of government to do theirs, but overall a president is just a president. John Mulaney once joked about the New York Post, saying that they think anyone who does their job is a hero. I guess that's true. It isn't until they fuck up that people start to notice that they were even there. 

I usually don't know what I'm going to write about when I make blog entry and I probably should be careful with that since the internet is much like diamonds, that they last forever. Don't even get me started on Da Beers.