On Saturday I was fortunate enough to wait on a line for 4 hours. As excited as I was about line waiting, what I really got to do was visit the #seinfeldapartment on the West Side. Hulu decided to do the pop-up because they will soon be streaming the entire series on their site. This was a brilliant idea. First the Frozen Banana Stand for Arrested Development, then Central Perk for Friends and now the Seinfeld Apartment for Seinfeld. The only difference between this one was that the first two were released by Netflix. I was lucky enough to visit the banana stand, which was awesome, they even gave you an off-brand frozen banana which was chill. I should've went to Central Perk, it would've been so sick, but we live and learn. 

Netflix really should've gotten their hands on the Seinfeld rights, or whatever it would be called, maybe the properties? I don't know. But anyway, I'm more of a Netflix guy. There's Crackle and of course Hulu, Apple TV too. But I'm just comfortable with Netflix. I used to watch The Office and Lost on Hulu, I really didn't mind the ads, until they introduced Hulu Plus which was complete bullshit. My sister even bought into it and they still threw ads at you! WTF. 

Speaking of WTF, Marc Maron just had Obama on his podcast, not only was he incredibly lucky to have a current president on his show, but it was actually a dope interview. I liked it so much because he asked him legitimate questions and didn't let him off the hook.

In general, this has been a pretty good week for Barack, first affordable healthcare,and then same-sex marriage became a national thing and of course our real-life Prison Break just finished up with the final apprehension somewhere near Canada. Sweat probably heard we had affordable healthcare and turned back...ironically he's now sitting in a hospital bed chilling like a villain... 

that wrapped up pretty well

*Cue Full House closing credit music*


freeze frame