Umassic Park

So, this weekend I went up to UMass Amherst to hang out with a couple of friends who decided to stay there for the summer. At first I was a little jealous, considering it's significantly easier to just deal with friends instead of your family at any given time, but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Not saying I didn't have a great time with some great people, but sometimes it pays to have a bed to sleep in and complete control over the shower situation. Why is it always so confusing to use someone else's shower? It was so cold, it was what I assume Andy Dufresne had to deal with at his first experience at Shawshank. The only difference here is that I had no problems in the laundry room, nor did a friendly black man take me under his wing, at the most, it was an ambiguous hispanic friend who let me sleep on his couch (not as good of a movie). 

Anyway, I figured I would attempt to keep blogging as it does serve a couple of purposes;

1. it stops me from talking to much and getting my self into trouble.

2. it's easy to do.

3. no one can tell me how to do it.


I'm about to go see Jurassic World, so I'll finish up quickly. I'm looking forward to it, mostly because the friend I'm seeing it with is going away for the summer and it's gonna be depressing once he's gone...although, the last time he left Gripless was created, so who knows what could happen this summer...maybe I'll have a baby...but I'm not too sure that's how it works.

On the real though, why would they think it was a good idea to make another island full of dinosaurs, that's a bit ridiculous, especially since this isn't a reboot, but a continuation of the original, it's no Schindler's List, I get that, but for real though, who decided to make this theme park...having said that, I would probably go.