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The other day I got a notification from a reader of my blog saying that he liked how I wrote and that I should do more of these. So, per your request, here is another blog for your viewing pleasure. I gotta admit, being able to freely say what I want under the guise of Gripless is a liberating feeling. Sure I'm not saying anything groundbreaking, but being able to get your voice out into the world but still maintain your privacy is a very cool feeling.

Some people know who I am, but amongst the thousand or so that follow my instagram, a good amount don't know who I am at all and to me that's really cool. Gripless is almost a year old and in that time I have posted over 100 designs, learned Adobe Illustrator, gained a staff, created a website, sold some merch, got suspended from that company that "helped" to sell my merch (screw copyright laws), and started up this blog. I gotta commend myself a little bit. I never really thought I'd follow thru with Gripless and I never thought people would be into my drawings in the way that they have been. I also never thought that the artistic community on instragram would be so supportive either. @unfortunateportrait, @RIPNDIP, @FRKO, @waybad, or @burritobreath, to name a few, have all been so chill and easy to talk to. If art imitates reality than I'm very excited to be a part of the community that is open to speaking to up-and-coming artists that just want to learn and be true to their work. 

Anyway, whoever's reading this may or may not care at all about what I just wrote above, so, feel free to Men In Black brain-wipe that shit from your brain. The above was more just for me to get that out there into the abyss that is The Internet. Personally, well I guess I don't really need to say "personally" because this is a human blog, unless I was like a dog or a robot in which case I wouldn't say "peronally" at all. I don't think there is a word for the perspective of said nouns...caninally or robotally, that kind of works, it's no humblebrag but I guess I'll take credit for creating a couple of words (cue person realizing that I just pulled a humblebrag). 

What I really wanted to say in this blog was I'll try to blog more, it really is gratifying that people actually read this. Anyway, until next time.

xoxo Gossip Girl....