I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'm a leaf. Okay, that was as punny as I wanna get tonight. I've learned that I would much rather type the way I speak in the hopes that whatever gold comes from my mouth comes out a bit clearer. Today my mom made a comment that our texts don't come out the way we mean for them to sound. Sure she's not the first person to say that, but she's my mom and if you say anything about my mom I'll go Robert De Niro on you and meet your parents... You get it? Because he was in Meet the Parents and you were probably expecting me to say like "break your legs" or something cliche like that. But I refuse to be just another blogger. I also wanna stop saying blogger. People who say blogger tend to use the word blogger too much and as a self proclaimed blogger I am done being a slave to the norm. Blogger count: 6. That was dope, higher and higher BABY.

I'm listening to E.L.O. at the moment. Probably one of the greatest bands out there. Search for them on Spotify and I guarantee you've heard at least the top 3 before. They're that band that either your dad used to play all the time when he was driving you around or you've heard it in a movie however many years ago. They're great, seriously, give them a listen. 

I don't think anything I'm writing right now is worthy of anyone wasting the 2-3 minutes it will take for you to read it. It's not Shakespeare, I know that, it's not even Seuss, but it helps for when I don't know what else to do. I could watch tv, but I don't know what to watch, check out "Enter the Tube" in the navigation up top...shameless plug. A great friend of mine developed it for her thesis in Parsons. It's an algorithm that uses tropes, or something like that, to guide you to a new show that you will most likely enjoy based on the choices you made along the way. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, very sick. 

I was just thinking that the amount of time it takes for a writer to write something is exponentially longer than the amount of time it takes for the reader to read it. I constantly keep hearing "read more," no way, WRITE MORE. I'm not saying don't read, but what I am saying is don't stop there. You can literally write anything. The key to good writing, however, is knowing what you're talking about. I can lie throughout an entire essay and as long as some fool believes me it becomes fact...that's not okay. It's our jobs as readers/writers to call people out and protect those who are too dumb to realize the difference. If we all just keep doing that there won't be any fools left and then I can finally stop having to listen to librarians tell me that I have to stop sneezing in the books. Okay, maybe that has nothing to do with what I'm trying to say but you have to decide if I actually did/do sneeze in library books or if I'm completely bull shitting you. You decide. 

A good blogger would've stopped their but I didn't. HAHAHAH also I spelt "there" wrong, I shouldn't've spelled it like "their." Also I spelled "spelled" with a "t," which isn't actually a real word, also shouldn't've is correct look it up NERD. BLOGGER COUNT: 7. BOOM. ROASTED.