Finals Weak

On the real though, what's the point of studying for exams if your just going to look at your "friend's" paper the entire time anyway. He's not your friend, you met him 3 years ago at orientation and never spoke to him since. But look how quick you two rekindled your "friendship" after you realized he was in the same [enter GenEd course here] as you. I mean, you had to get friendly again if you wanted to get away with doing the bare minimum of work the whole semester. They require us to choose a major but once we do they tell us you need to take these random general education classes also just because. Why does a Communication major need to learn Geology? Rocks don't talk, and if I'm going into PR then I'm pretty sure I can't get a volcano a guest spot on Ellen either. But I digress.

What really scares me is that there will be an entire generation of DJ's and doctors that only know where the heart is located because the girl sitting next to him knew wrote down where it was, but she only knows because of the guy who was looking wrote it down too. Well if we all write down that the heart is in the butt than we have to be right, right? I'm just freaked out that when I or someone I know needs some medical procedure the doctor is going to need to Google it. You know how often Web, MD is wrong? Like all the time. Doc, thanks for the procedure, but I'm pretty sure this arm is supposed to be closer to my shoulder than to my new back eye you gave me...unforgivable.