A Cold Cup of Coffee

Okay, so I'm learning how to make gifs now. Nothing too groundbreaking there, but it's happening. I think it's important to keep growing as an artist. Constantly challenging yourself in any field is the only way you can expect to get better and reach the next level. 

The next big thing to happen is the inauguration of Donald Trump. I still can't believe it but I guess it's the world we live in now. We have officially seen proof that anything is possible. Like in Dan Harmon's Community, we are definitely in the worst timeline. 

As I finish up my cold cup of coffee I can't help but think maybe we're all blowing this out of proportion. I mean, in theory, if you don't pay attention to politics at all, you may very well be able to ignore Trump's entire presidency. My sister made a comment the other day that actually made sense. She said that she didn't really notice Obama's time in office until the last few months. She's not huge into media or current events as such as myself, but it's kind of true. Other than the big moments a president has, they pretty much just do their job. Sure, you need to rely on the rest of the branches of government to do theirs, but overall a president is just a president. John Mulaney once joked about the New York Post, saying that they think anyone who does their job is a hero. I guess that's true. It isn't until they fuck up that people start to notice that they were even there. 

I usually don't know what I'm going to write about when I make blog entry and I probably should be careful with that since the internet is much like diamonds, that they last forever. Don't even get me started on Da Beers. 


On Saturday I was fortunate enough to wait on a line for 4 hours. As excited as I was about line waiting, what I really got to do was visit the #seinfeldapartment on the West Side. Hulu decided to do the pop-up because they will soon be streaming the entire series on their site. This was a brilliant idea. First the Frozen Banana Stand for Arrested Development, then Central Perk for Friends and now the Seinfeld Apartment for Seinfeld. The only difference between this one was that the first two were released by Netflix. I was lucky enough to visit the banana stand, which was awesome, they even gave you an off-brand frozen banana which was chill. I should've went to Central Perk, it would've been so sick, but we live and learn. 

Netflix really should've gotten their hands on the Seinfeld rights, or whatever it would be called, maybe the properties? I don't know. But anyway, I'm more of a Netflix guy. There's Crackle and of course Hulu, Apple TV too. But I'm just comfortable with Netflix. I used to watch The Office and Lost on Hulu, I really didn't mind the ads, until they introduced Hulu Plus which was complete bullshit. My sister even bought into it and they still threw ads at you! WTF. 

Speaking of WTF, Marc Maron just had Obama on his podcast, not only was he incredibly lucky to have a current president on his show, but it was actually a dope interview. I liked it so much because he asked him legitimate questions and didn't let him off the hook.

In general, this has been a pretty good week for Barack, first affordable healthcare,and then same-sex marriage became a national thing and of course our real-life Prison Break just finished up with the final apprehension somewhere near Canada. Sweat probably heard we had affordable healthcare and turned back...ironically he's now sitting in a hospital bed chilling like a villain... 

that wrapped up pretty well

*Cue Full House closing credit music*


freeze frame

Umassic Park

So, this weekend I went up to UMass Amherst to hang out with a couple of friends who decided to stay there for the summer. At first I was a little jealous, considering it's significantly easier to just deal with friends instead of your family at any given time, but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Not saying I didn't have a great time with some great people, but sometimes it pays to have a bed to sleep in and complete control over the shower situation. Why is it always so confusing to use someone else's shower? It was so cold, it was what I assume Andy Dufresne had to deal with at his first experience at Shawshank. The only difference here is that I had no problems in the laundry room, nor did a friendly black man take me under his wing, at the most, it was an ambiguous hispanic friend who let me sleep on his couch (not as good of a movie). 

Anyway, I figured I would attempt to keep blogging as it does serve a couple of purposes;

1. it stops me from talking to much and getting my self into trouble.

2. it's easy to do.

3. no one can tell me how to do it.


I'm about to go see Jurassic World, so I'll finish up quickly. I'm looking forward to it, mostly because the friend I'm seeing it with is going away for the summer and it's gonna be depressing once he's gone...although, the last time he left Gripless was created, so who knows what could happen this summer...maybe I'll have a baby...but I'm not too sure that's how it works.

On the real though, why would they think it was a good idea to make another island full of dinosaurs, that's a bit ridiculous, especially since this isn't a reboot, but a continuation of the original, it's no Schindler's List, I get that, but for real though, who decided to make this theme park...having said that, I would probably go.




Blah Blah Blog

The other day I got a notification from a reader of my blog saying that he liked how I wrote and that I should do more of these. So, per your request, here is another blog for your viewing pleasure. I gotta admit, being able to freely say what I want under the guise of Gripless is a liberating feeling. Sure I'm not saying anything groundbreaking, but being able to get your voice out into the world but still maintain your privacy is a very cool feeling.

Some people know who I am, but amongst the thousand or so that follow my instagram, a good amount don't know who I am at all and to me that's really cool. Gripless is almost a year old and in that time I have posted over 100 designs, learned Adobe Illustrator, gained a staff, created a website, sold some merch, got suspended from that company that "helped" to sell my merch (screw copyright laws), and started up this blog. I gotta commend myself a little bit. I never really thought I'd follow thru with Gripless and I never thought people would be into my drawings in the way that they have been. I also never thought that the artistic community on instragram would be so supportive either. @unfortunateportrait, @RIPNDIP, @FRKO, @waybad, or @burritobreath, to name a few, have all been so chill and easy to talk to. If art imitates reality than I'm very excited to be a part of the community that is open to speaking to up-and-coming artists that just want to learn and be true to their work. 

Anyway, whoever's reading this may or may not care at all about what I just wrote above, so, feel free to Men In Black brain-wipe that shit from your brain. The above was more just for me to get that out there into the abyss that is The Internet. Personally, well I guess I don't really need to say "personally" because this is a human blog, unless I was like a dog or a robot in which case I wouldn't say "peronally" at all. I don't think there is a word for the perspective of said nouns...caninally or robotally, that kind of works, it's no humblebrag but I guess I'll take credit for creating a couple of words (cue person realizing that I just pulled a humblebrag). 

What I really wanted to say in this blog was I'll try to blog more, it really is gratifying that people actually read this. Anyway, until next time.

xoxo Gossip Girl....


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'm a leaf. Okay, that was as punny as I wanna get tonight. I've learned that I would much rather type the way I speak in the hopes that whatever gold comes from my mouth comes out a bit clearer. Today my mom made a comment that our texts don't come out the way we mean for them to sound. Sure she's not the first person to say that, but she's my mom and if you say anything about my mom I'll go Robert De Niro on you and meet your parents... You get it? Because he was in Meet the Parents and you were probably expecting me to say like "break your legs" or something cliche like that. But I refuse to be just another blogger. I also wanna stop saying blogger. People who say blogger tend to use the word blogger too much and as a self proclaimed blogger I am done being a slave to the norm. Blogger count: 6. That was dope, higher and higher BABY.

I'm listening to E.L.O. at the moment. Probably one of the greatest bands out there. Search for them on Spotify and I guarantee you've heard at least the top 3 before. They're that band that either your dad used to play all the time when he was driving you around or you've heard it in a movie however many years ago. They're great, seriously, give them a listen. 

I don't think anything I'm writing right now is worthy of anyone wasting the 2-3 minutes it will take for you to read it. It's not Shakespeare, I know that, it's not even Seuss, but it helps for when I don't know what else to do. I could watch tv, but I don't know what to watch, check out "Enter the Tube" in the navigation up top...shameless plug. A great friend of mine developed it for her thesis in Parsons. It's an algorithm that uses tropes, or something like that, to guide you to a new show that you will most likely enjoy based on the choices you made along the way. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, very sick. 

I was just thinking that the amount of time it takes for a writer to write something is exponentially longer than the amount of time it takes for the reader to read it. I constantly keep hearing "read more," no way, WRITE MORE. I'm not saying don't read, but what I am saying is don't stop there. You can literally write anything. The key to good writing, however, is knowing what you're talking about. I can lie throughout an entire essay and as long as some fool believes me it becomes fact...that's not okay. It's our jobs as readers/writers to call people out and protect those who are too dumb to realize the difference. If we all just keep doing that there won't be any fools left and then I can finally stop having to listen to librarians tell me that I have to stop sneezing in the books. Okay, maybe that has nothing to do with what I'm trying to say but you have to decide if I actually did/do sneeze in library books or if I'm completely bull shitting you. You decide. 

A good blogger would've stopped their but I didn't. HAHAHAH also I spelt "there" wrong, I shouldn't've spelled it like "their." Also I spelled "spelled" with a "t," which isn't actually a real word, also shouldn't've is correct look it up NERD. BLOGGER COUNT: 7. BOOM. ROASTED.  

Finals Weak

On the real though, what's the point of studying for exams if your just going to look at your "friend's" paper the entire time anyway. He's not your friend, you met him 3 years ago at orientation and never spoke to him since. But look how quick you two rekindled your "friendship" after you realized he was in the same [enter GenEd course here] as you. I mean, you had to get friendly again if you wanted to get away with doing the bare minimum of work the whole semester. They require us to choose a major but once we do they tell us you need to take these random general education classes also just because. Why does a Communication major need to learn Geology? Rocks don't talk, and if I'm going into PR then I'm pretty sure I can't get a volcano a guest spot on Ellen either. But I digress.

What really scares me is that there will be an entire generation of DJ's and doctors that only know where the heart is located because the girl sitting next to him knew wrote down where it was, but she only knows because of the guy who was looking wrote it down too. Well if we all write down that the heart is in the butt than we have to be right, right? I'm just freaked out that when I or someone I know needs some medical procedure the doctor is going to need to Google it. You know how often Web, MD is wrong? Like all the time. Doc, thanks for the procedure, but I'm pretty sure this arm is supposed to be closer to my shoulder than to my new back eye you gave me...unforgivable. 

Jingle Bills

Guess what? It's almost Christmas! Even though Christmas now starts as soon as someone pulls that wishbone out of the turkey's ass, we still need to act ready and excited for all that this time of the year brings us. We still need to respect and honor consumerism in it's red and green bow-tied boxes and gift bags and we need to sacrifice our sanity and hard earned cash to by gifts for those we don't like because it's expected of us. I wish there was a movie called "Like Larry", where a kid finds a pair of magical pair of Campers and learns how to socially assassinate any and all situations that he or she comes across. Don't like that sweater I bought you BOOM I'll take it back and wear it myself, yeah it's a girl's sweater, so what, I respect the person who bought it, so I'm going to wear it. I'd see that movie. Larry David probably wouldn't, but that's his deal not mine. Unless he asked me not to see that movie with him, in which case I would absolutely do nothing with Larry instead of doing something without him, that's the true meaning of Christmas. I'm just going to put that out there. 

Ooo Ooo

I am very excited for the site to be nearly complete. Next step is the lanch party, and if you don't get that reference maybe you should be shopping at the GAP. If that seemed harsh, you're right...I'M CRAZY...

Almost In

It's happening. I can feel it in my plums. Just a few more touches and I'll be good to go...go where, I'm not too sure but I'll be going somewhere. Hopefully I don't get sued either, that'd be great. Jail doesn't sound too good, I've been watching a lot of Prison Break recently and I don't want to end up with the Avocado, you can't bounce back from that. RIP Tweener


I will have this site up and running if it's the last thing I do. Okay, that's a *little* dramatic, building a website probably isn't the last thing I would want to do...maybe Flonkertin, now there's a game of skill. 


Making a website isn't really that easy. Zuckerberg must've been some type of wizard, probably shouldn't have dropped out of college though, what an idiot, doesn't he know that you can't amount to anything without a college diploma?

Popping that Blog Cherry

We want to be relevant with this site. So, here's where we'll post the things that are relevant, like "did you hear about the moon landing?" or "did you know that the Mets won the 1986 World Series?"...that kind of stuff.