The art

Welcome to the greatest thing you're going to do today! Well, maybe not the greatest thing but definitely better than the worst thing you'll do. In case you stumbled here out of confusion or you finally wanted to see what all the fuss was about, this is Gripless. It's art made by me for people who like or don't know me yet but like artist things. 

Anyway, I'm an artist. I try to challenge myself as much as I can. In the effort to better myself, Concrete Jungle was born. Maybe animals doing people stuff isn't that new of a concept but I think there's something beautiful and hilarious about anthropomorphic animals dealing with the same mundane situations as people deal with every, single day. Maybe I'm wrong but if I am I don't want to be right.

Next, since I have an immense admiration for the city, I wanted to showcase that in some way, but I needed it to be different. This became Cartoons of New York. Maybe it was conceived through my attempt to realize my lifelong dream of becoming a cartoon character or maybe I just have a distorted view of reality, either way, I think there's something so incredible about incorporating cartoons into everyday life. 

Finally, you may have noticed or been ignorant of the newest and greatest digital comic this side of the Mississippi, Bushwick. Bushwick is everything that is wrong with Millennials. Okay, yes, I am a Millennial myself but I'm a satirist, first and foremost. And who else is better equipped at satirizing over-privelged young people than someone pretending not to be one of them? No, seriously, if you find someone better hit up the beeper. Please.

If you want, you can check out the Instagram for more "meme-like" content. There, you'll find people who are into Gripless enough to like it, wear it, pin it, or share it. Damn that was cheesy... Stay tuned for more of my artistic successes and failures, it's gonna be zoppity.